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This web site exists to serve the Scouts and parents of Troop 23. It contains information about upcoming events and is also used for event sign-ups. We also provide links to other Scouting-related sites and use it as a repository for useful documents such as packing lists, camping recipes, and campfire songs.

A weekly Scout Blast email will continue to go out, although it will now be generated automatically from the contents of this site. You can still expect some out-of-band emails from Troop leadership as we continue to get used to this new format.

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Reminder: Wednesday is Gettysburg Prep

Posted on Sep 24 2017 - 7:13pm

A coordinating email for Gettysburg went out this weekend. If you're going and you didn't get it, contact Mr. Kimball. Remember, please bring the following (or drop off if you're unable to attend) to Wednesday night's meeting:

Thank You Note from Thomas Lindberg

Posted on Sep 23 2017 - 6:57pm

Scouts of Troop 23,

I just want to thank everyone who came and helped with my eagle project. It was a great success and it would have never gotten done if you had not been able to help. I also want to thank the parents who were able to help me complete my project. Your help and advice was very insightful and it helped to fininsh all of my goals for the project with amazing efficiency and precision.

UPDATED 11 SEP: Event Signups for September

Posted on Sep 11 2017 - 2:46pm

Some updates and reminders on our September events:

- Wolf Sanctuary Campout, 22-23 September: Friday-Saturday overnight with up-close and personal interaction with endangered species, pizza and a movie, breakfast and more! Cost: $25. Signup: https://westpoint23.mytroop.us/node/1889. We will close this signup after Wednesday night's meeting.

New Scout Leadership Team

Posted on Sep 10 2017 - 12:50pm

We have now finished the process of selecting our next round of Scout leaders. You can see the full roster at: https://westpoint23.mytroop.us/roster/yleader. Congrats to all of the Scouts elected or appointed to these positions; we are excited to see what you do!

Troop Elections and Parent Meeting

Posted on Aug 27 2017 - 2:46pm

This Wednesday is one of our most important meetings for Scouts and Parents alike. We will hold Order of the Arrow elections, troop position elections, and an informational meeting for parents. Details follow:

Thank You Letter from Jonas Ebner

Posted on Aug 27 2017 - 1:28pm

Dear Troop 23,

Thank you to all of the scouts, leaders, and family members who helped volunteer with my Eagle Scout project. My dedication ceremony was held in early August and West Point Natural Resources, my beneficiary, is grateful for the work we did at Lusk Reservoir. Without your help, this would not have been possible.

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